About Cousins Jack and Caitlyn

Jack (age 8) and Caitlyn (age 5) are the children of  Uncle Michael and Aunt Jess.  They live near Washington, DC and are two bundles of energy!

Jack is a serious soccer player, and belongs to a traveling soccer team.  He also loves to read, play on his dad's iPad, and play with his new Nintendo Switch.  He also likes playing tricks on Grandma and Grandpa, and playing with his Beyblade. This winter he's learning to play hockey, just like his mother did when she was growing up.  Jack is currently in 3rd grade.

Caitlyn loves arts and crafts, and is always making something to give to one of us.  She also plays on a soccer team, and this winter is learning to ice skate.  In school she is learning to read, and is especially good at math.  Caitlyn is currently in kindergarten, going to the same school as Jack.

Both Jack and Caitlyn visit us several times a year, including staying for a week in the summer to go to camp.