Grandma and Grandpa's Latest Letter to Noah!

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Noah,


Happy 14th birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!  We hope you've gotten to enjoy all those days.  Did you get some nice gifts?

Here, as usual, we got to celebrate the holidays with the rest of your family.  Uncle Ben came up from DC to spend a couple of days before Christmas, and your Uncle Michael, Aunt Jess, and cousins Jack and Caitlyn came up  to spend parts of 3 days with us after Christmas.  It's always fun to spend Christmas with Jack and Caitlyn, and to watch them open their presents.  This year there was a bit of a theme to their gifts - they got games.  So we spent a good bit of time playing the games they were given.  Great fun.  We also got to watch Jack ride his new bike, which he got from his Nanna.   How we wish we could spend the holidays with you as well.

So are you looking forward to anything about being a 14-year-old?  Clearly you're a teenager now!

And now we start 2020!  This is the year your Grandma will retire and begin a new phase of life.  She is very anxious to be retired.

However you spent it, we hope you very much enjoyed your birthday, Christmas, and New Year's.

As always, we love you and miss you very much.



Grandma and Grandpa Harney