Grandma and Grandpa's Latest Letter to Noah!

Welcome Back to School!!!

Dear Noah,


We hope you've had a good start to your school year.  Perhaps you and Sean are in the same class.  That would be fun.  We also hope you had a good summer, and got to do some fun things and go on some fun trips.

Here things are going well.  Grandma continues to love working in her yard and garden, and Grandpa has started to play organ again after having retired from it a year ago.

As usual, your cousins Jack and Caitlyn are busy and fun to be around.  Jack is on a traveling soccer team.  We got to watch them play in a tournament this season, where Jack scored.  He loves his soccer.

Caitlyn is a bundle of energy, and still loves her arts and crafts.

But the big news from them is that Jack and Caitlyn, along with your Uncle Michael and Aunt Jess, went on a vacation to Iceland!  It was Jack and Caitlyn's first time outside the country, and they had a wonderful time.  I've added a couple of pictures to the slide show.  They saw geysers, waterfalls, and an ice cave (that's where Jack is in the picture I included).

Then recently Grandpa, Uncle Michael, Uncle Ben, and Jack went to a DC United game.  This is the second year we've gone for Jack's birthday.  It's lots of fun.

Finally, this is Grandma's last year to work!  She plans to retire next summer.  This summer she took what's called a "sabbatical," which means that the school gave her a few months off work.  She had a great time, including a trip to Nova Scotia (which is in Canada).  It really made her look forward to her retirement.

That's the news from here..

As always, we love you and miss you very much.



Grandma and Grandpa Harney