Grandma and Grandpa's Latest Letter to Noah!

It's almost Summer!!!

Dear Noah,


We hope you've had a fun Spring, and a good Easter.  Here we had most of the family at Grandma's house for Easter.  Your Aunt Jess couldn't join us, but Uncle Michael, Uncle Ben, and Cousins Jack and Caitlyn were there.

The big news for Easter was that Caitlyn learned to ride a bike!  Grandma's the best at teaching kids to ride a bike, and (as she did with Jack) she taught Caitlyn.  Once we figured out that it was easier to learn on Jack's bike she picked it right up and was riding like a pro in no time.  She also just made a beautiful piece of art.  She's quite the budding artist!  We've put a picture of it in the slide show on Jack and Caitlyn's page of the website.  We also put a picture of them on Grandma's porch on Easter.

This weekend we're going to a soccer tournament Jack's team is playing in.  They have 2 games on Saturday.  If they win they play more games over the weekend.  We love going to watch him play.  Jack loves his soccer!  He also likes to watch the DC United team play.

What have you been up to?  Do you play any Spring sports?  We hope you've had a good school year, and that you have some fun plans for this summer.

We love you and miss you very much.



Grandma and Grandpa Harney