Grandma and Grandpa's Latest Letter to Noah!

It's almost Spring!!!

Dear Noah,


I'm sure it's cold and snowy there in Michigan, here in the beginning of March.  I'll bet you and Sean do lots of sledding, skiing, or building snowmen.

We're only a couple of weeks from the beginning of Spring, though, and here in Delaware we're ready for it!  It's been an especially cold Winter for this part of the country.

Speaking of Winter, since you live in Michigan I'm guessing you play lots of winter sports, like hockey and basketball.  Do you ski or skate?  Your cousins Jack and Caitlyn are learning to skate like their Mommy (who played hockey in college), and Jack's taking hockey lessons.  He also played on a basketball team this winter, and on a futbal team.

Since Spring is around the corner, I hope you have lots of special activities planned.   And of course Spring is the time for sports like baseball, tennis and soccer.  I hope you get to play something in the Spring.

Grandma is always busy with her church and her school, and Grandpa is always busy with his church and the helicopter program he works on.  Still, we find time to have fun!

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We love you and miss you very much.



Grandma and Grandpa Harney