About Mommy's Family

In the picture above you can see Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Michael, Uncle Ben, Aunt Jess, and Cousins Jack and Caitlyn.

Uncle Michael and Uncle Ben are Mommy's brothers.  Both work in Washington, DC.  Your Aunt Jess is married to Uncle Michael.  Uncle Michael and Aunt Jess are the parents of Jack and Caitlyn.

Grandpa doesn't have any brothers or sisters, but Grandma has 3 brothers and 2 sisters!  Their names are Allen, Kenny, Leonard, Judi, and Jeanne.  Grandpa and Grandma both live in Delaware.  Grandma's brothers and sisters are all over the place, from Pennsylvania down to Florida!  Below you will see lots and lots of pictures of Mommy's family.  Some of them include Noah, and some include Mommy as a baby or as a little girl!